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Monday, 29 November 2021 07:33

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“We are one, We are together, we are one…” Men, women and children of Balikumbat in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region chanted the chorus in the streets as they embraced forces of law and order.

They were celebrating their liberation from separatist fighters whose activities had been giving them sleepless nights for a while now.

The large numbers singing their oneness and readiness to work together for the return to peace and development had earlier stormed the camp of the separatists chasing them away from their community.

They also captured some of the separatists who led them to where stolen items were hidden.

The action of population was greeted by the Senior Divisional Officer for Ngoketungia, Anderson Nkwenti Nkongeh.

He urged the populations of other communities to denounce separatists groups and their activities.

The Defence and Security Forces used the occasion to sensitise the people of Balikumbat that their mission is to facilitate the return of separatists from the bushes and contribute in bringing peace and development to the community.

The population who had time to commune with the forces expressed their renewed confidence and determination to work hand in hand with them for life to bounce back in their subdivision.

Elvis Teke

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