NDDRC Buea Centre : Reintegration Of Ex-Fighters Commences

NDDRC Buea Centre : Reintegration Of Ex-Fighters Commences

3 Jan 2020 | Peaceful Politics | 0 comments

NDDRC Buea Centre : Reintegration Of Ex-Fighters Commences

The reintegration of ex-fighters into the society following the crisis in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon has started. The process was launched in Buea on December 30, 2019, by Ndoh Bertha, the representative of the Prime Minister. In all, over 30 ex-fighters who dropped their arms following the Head of State’s appeal and had spent at least seven months at the National Disarmament Demobilsation and Reintegration Committee (NDDRC) centre in Buea will now go about their normal life in the society. In kick starting the process, Ndoh Bertha recalled that sometime in 2017, many young men and women, for various reasons decided to become armed against the State. That in finding lasting peace to the crisis, the President of the Republic created the NDDRC in Mora, Bamenda and Buea to care for ex-fighters who voluntarily dropped their arms. “You the ex-fighters or trainees have been provided with operational skills in varied domains that enable you people to be economically independent. Today, the first batch is graduating from this centre to become responsible and hardworking citizens,” she outlined. This was greeted with thunderous applauses from the ex-fighters. She urged them to be ready to participate in the development effort of Cameroon and to be of exemplary moral standing as they leave the centre. “Wherever you find yourself in the society, spread the message of reconciliation and living together. You should put the skills you have acquired into effective use so as to improve on your living standard,” Ndoh Bertha stressed. The Prime Minister’s envoy announced to the ex-fighters (trainees) that they have been shortlisted into a process of reinsertion into some job placements and other income generating activities. That it shall be done in the most equitable manner with priority given to those who have stayed at NDDRC centres for a long time. That the “first come, first serve” approach will be used. She reiterated the Head of State’s call for those with arms still in the bushes to lay them down and join the NDDRC centres. Bernard Njukang, South West Coordinator of NDDRC indicated that most of the ex-fighters are in need of National Identity Cards, Birth Certificates and other vital documents which were destroyed in the course of the crisis.

This article was written by Kunyui NGOMENYUI and published first by Cameroon Tribune

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