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Steam’s customer service has been garbage for far too long – SlashGear

Any PC gamer out there will be able to tell you that there are three truths in life: we’re all going to die, we all need to pay taxes, and we all know how awful Steam’s customer support is. Steam’s lack of comprehensive customer support has become a meme...

Best Android apps YOU need to download on your new phone or tablet, according to Google – Express

Google has rounded-up the best apps for your Android phone or tablet, perfect if you're new (Image: UNSPLASH)If Santa left you a brand-new Android smartphone or tablet under the Christmas tree this morning, you’re probably looking for some new apps, movies, television shows and more to really make the...

The Top 10 Cybersecurity Stories Of 2019—A Window Onto The 2020 Threatscape – Forbes

The cybersecurity stories that caught your attention in 2019 will likely repeat themselves during ... 2020GettyThere can be no doubt, as 2019 draws ever closer to an end, that it has been quite the year as far as cybersecurity is concerned. I have reported on everything from the...

Did Microsoft VP just tease Surface Duo will have holograms? – Android Community

It was the seemingly innocuous tweet that has sent ripples across the tech community. Well, at least those that follow Microsoft-related tech news. It seems that the normally reclusive Vice President of Microsoft devices Panos Panay tweeted out a “normal” holiday greeting but the fact that he used a...

“Maalle”: Wanted For Elephant Poaching!

The educative film by Ashu Egbe focuses on societal ills and their impact on the community. “Maalle”, the title of a film, is also the name of the main character of the film which talks about elephant poaching. Around the dense equatorial forest of the Campo Ma’an National Park in...
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